Standardized ophthalmology registries that compare real-life patient outcomes in partnership with the Conseil National Professionnel d’Ophtalmologie

Improve patient outcomes for ophthalmic teams comparing cataract surgeries

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Scientific Advisory Board

The scientific advisory board of the PromOphta registry is supported by the VBHC Consortium, a non-profit organization headed by Marie-Josée Augé-Caumon and Dr. Jean-Pierre Thierry

The French national payer has allocated €0.9 million to PromCat experiment

to launch a pioneering ecosystem that incentivizes practioners on high-value care for cataract surgery journal officiel on July 30, 2020 and updated in the Journal Officiel de la République Française on November 10, 2023).

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Our objectives by 2025

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Health gains

Health gain measures the impact of a surgery on patients' visual quality of life in daily activities.

The goal is to compare health gains from 18,700 cataract surgeries for 11,000 patients by 2025. 

The objective is to demonstrate that value of care increases when patient outcomes are measured and shared

Health gains measure the clinical benefit of cataract surgery for patients. It is the difference between the patient’s visual abilities in everyday activities before and after surgery.


Through this experiment, PromTime introduces two pioneering innovations

Transparency model

The average health gains of medical teams are shared with patients, surgeons, independent professionals, payers, providers, and industrial partners.

A fee for sharing health gains

A Financial Incentive for Advanced Transparency (FIAT) encourages practitioners to generate and share patient health gains (€30 per case).

This experiment aims to demonstrate that transparency on health gains contributes to reducing the number of inappropriate surgeries, i.e., those associated with low visual benefits for patients.

The objective is to improve the health system efficiency by optimizing the number of cataract surgeries, which grew by nearly .




PromTime compares patients’ health gains in real life


PromTime's 360° architecture includes calibration, digitization, algorithms, incentives, audits & scientific governance


PromTime is a team of talents driven by a passion for results


PromTime publishes scientific papers on PROM instruments and Value-Based Healthcare